3 Ways to Enable a Successful, Easy, & Smooth Software Rollout

3 Ways to Enable a Successful, Easy, and Smooth Software Rollout

3 Ways to Enable a Successful, Easy, and Smooth Software Rollout

It’s every stakeholder or business owner’s worst nightmare: after spending over a year building a new software system, it comes time for the software rollout. Only there was little planning involved in the actual rollout, as well as little training. Once the software is in the hands of relevant staff, it becomes clear that they hate it, don’t think it’s useful, find it confusing, and inevitably don’t use it.

3 Ways to Enable a Successful, Easy, and Smooth Software Rollout

If you’d like to avoid the common problem among businesses in all industries, you’re in luck. Follow these top three tips for a successful product rollout, presented by Benostech.

How to Successfully Introduce New Software


Are you still worried about the launch even though your software rollout is planned and ready to go? If your answer is yes, these three steps can help you launch a successful software rollout with ease.


1.   Do Your Homework


It’s important to arm your business with the best software available. Luckily, these days, you don’t have to learn through trial and error. ZenBusiness has compiled a list of 10 must-have technologies ranging from inventory management and payment processing to customer interaction and cybersecurity.


Likewise, because a software rollout could make or break your revenue stream upon launch, it’s crucial to arm your accounting department with the best possible bookkeeping and financial management software available.

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As your company launches new software and moves toward a larger market, you’ll need software that’s easy for your staff to use while also providing the necessary critical functions to properly manage your accounting and finances.


Speaking of finances, you’re probably not going to have a substantial advertising budget at first, so save money where you can. Use free social media platforms whenever possible. One easy way to make eye-catching logos that will draw in customers without breaking the bank is simply by using a free logo maker online. You can unify your marketing message across every channel, ensuring that your audience recognizes your brand.

2.   Always Make Feedback Easy


How can businesses really figure out if their software rollout is successful and their workforce is satisfied with the new tool? Instead of waiting to see potential revenue increases or decreases, it’s important to make user feedback easy to give and receive. By listening to and incorporating constructive feedback and criticism from your workforce, you can paint a clear picture of the potential challenges and pitfalls of your software rollout.


Twproject notes that with ongoing user feedback, you can also understand what features are causing frustration, lack of use, or regular problems that could affect the overall productivity of your company. You can use a variety of tools for this, such as surveys, in-person meetings, chat-based support, and so forth.

3.   Ensure Usage Tracking and Analytics are Ready to Go


You’re pouring a lot of resources into your new software, so it’s important to ensure that your staff is using it correctly and regularly. Employing analytics software is a great way to track which users are active, who is using the software the most, how often certain navigation links and activities are performed, and which tasks are being allocated to desktop or mobile devices. Some software vendors even offer such analytics as add-ons.


There’s a lot at stake when you roll out new software across your company, and it’s understandable for business owners to be worried about the results. However, by including some of the above steps in your plan, you can make the process much easier — and more lucrative.


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