3D Ground Plane (After Effects) What is it?

3D Ground Plane Adobe After Effects

The 3D ground plane is one of the new available features in Adobe After Effects. Just with the name, one can know it deals with editing in 3D. But what is this feature all about?

Just like always, the new features and improvements are very noticeable. Not just that, they are very helpful for the improvement of the Video editing software.

Adobe After Effects is a very powerful video editing software used by different movie Studios for their screen effects which includes editing in 3D .

Amazing effects are made possible with this Adobe Software. And such effects are experienced even better with the introduction of the 3D Ground Plane.

have you seen a man burning in a movie? Jumping on building tops? Walking through a wall? Flying like a bird, wait, have you seen a dragon? Just mention it, it’s all Adobe After Effects.

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3D Ground Plane

3D Ground Plane Adobe After Effects

What’s new in Adobe After Effects? The Plane is one of them.
This new Ground Plane enables you to orient your designs in space. It provides a horizon line as well as a vanishing point. An editor can toggle a grid on and off for accurate orientation & can use snapping to align objects in space or in relation to each other.

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