Airtel NG Night plan subscription. A good plan for the dark

The Airtel Network has been moving higher with almost every taken step. Desire to make their customers have smiley face, has led to the introduction of many plans on their Network. These include the Airtel NG Night plan subscription.

You don’t have enough balance to purchase a reasonable data plan? This is actually no problem at all if, what you want to do is not passing by so quickly. Because the Airtel NG Night plan subscription got you all covered.

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Airtel NG Night plan subscription

While other data plans can be subscribed to at any time at all, the Airtel night plan only functions from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM. It’s difficult for most users to stay awake by this time, but it’s actually worth it considering the amount of data offered for low prices.

Normally, the lowest data plan on Airtel costs N50 for 40MB. But with the Airtel NG Night plan subscription, N50 will certainly earn you 500MB. N75 will earn you 750MB while N100 lands you in the 1GB zone.

Ideally, it all starts with N25 for 250MB, then you keep repeating this process over and over to reach the Gigabyte zone if you wish.

Back around 2016/17, Airtel made it possible to purchase 1.5GB with N200 during the night plan. But that service has been made unavailable currently (2021).

How Awesome is Night plan?

With very low credit, you can afford lengths upon lengths of YouTube hours, Watch Instagram videos, Likee and many more. You don’t need N1000 to get a Gigabyte plan anymore, all it takes is “Your sleep time”.

How do I activate the Airtel Night plan?

Just by dialing *312#. Follow the steps that pop up.

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