Customizing your site with WordPress (Site beauty)

Customizing your site with WordPress (Site beauty)

Customization is very important as far as managing a website is considered. It is totally awesome that WordPress has made it possible for site owners to give their site a desired look. This article will focus mainly on Customizing your site with WordPress.

For those who might experience difficulties during this process, it will be important to sit tight and read this piece.

At the end of this piece of writing, you should have reasonable knowledge about adjusting your site to have the looks you wish for.

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How important is customizing your site with WordPress?

Yes, your personality is most times displayed in the way you customize your site, It does well in exposing your organizational skills. WordPress always makes everything organized, but there are some touches you can make to give your site something special.

The efforts you put in customizing your site determine how unique it will look, Customization on WordPress comes in ‘Themes’ as well as ‘Widgets and Menus’.


It’s not just on WordPress, the overall appearance of your precious Site is determined by a theme. It is a good way of customizing your site with WordPress. There are more to Themes than just changing the look and feel of your site, a unique home page layout and interactive post sliders are other awesome features of a theme, there are more to discover from WordPress.

Widgets and Menus

These are great Customization ways to use if you want to give the best look to your website. Widgets go with the sidebars and other widget-ready areas.
While Menus can be used to create custom site navigation, drop-down menus, and more, to direct visitors to the important parts of your site.

You should also considering these

Customize your site’s header and background

Tweak fonts, colors, and add CSS for a custom design

Change your URL by registering a new domain

Set a custom “Home” page on your site

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