Does Windows 11 come with Microsoft Office?

Windows 11

The windows 11, with it’s arrival is known to left behind some features which were available on the previous one. And with this, one wonders if the Microsoft office will be seen or made available.

Microsoft gives its Office software a facelift as it moves in Windows 11, however, will the two come bundled?

A major update to Windows was announced by Microsoft at its 24 June event. Sleek rounded corners, fresh aesthetic, and a centrally placed taskbar icons is what Windows 11 brings with it.

The new Operating system is slated to release in full later in the current year, however, the free upgrade is not expected until early next year. But, the Preview (beta) version is available to users who are enrolled in the Windows Insider Program at the moment.

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Windows 11, all you need to know about it

Just in case you’re wondering if the latest Windows OS will arrive along with Microsoft Office, “NO!” is the answer – but a user might be able to give the new version a try before release.

Does Windows 11 come with Microsoft Office?

While the new Windows will be free to be installed on eligible computers, users will need to separately purchase a subscription to the Microsoft 365 Family or Personal in order to gain access to useful apps like Word, Excel, & Powerpoint.

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