Facebook and Instagram to Begin Letting Users Hide Like Counts on Posts

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Facebook and Instagram to Begin Letting Users Hide Like Counts on Posts

Just like it’s done on YouTube, you can soon do it on Instagram and Facebook as both social media platforms aim to make the feature of hiding likes counts available anytime from now.

It’s your choice to let viewers/audience seen how many people have liked your video on YouTube or how many have subscribed to your channel. And that has been helpful to many channel owners who are ashamed of letting others see how poor their views are despite their struggle.

This now looks set to arrive in the arena of both Facebook and Instagram, both owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

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With this feature made available, You will get an option of hiding like counts on all posts that come in your feed. You can also hide the number of likes to individual posts you publish.

Facebook announced that they would kickoff rolling out new settings that will enable you hide your “like” counts. “Like this, your focus can be on the photos and videos being shared, instead of how many likes you get from a post.”

Facebook and Instagram are among the leading most used social media platforms in the world. And with the aim of making things more better and interesting, more users are set to be on the way surely.

Finally, a user can also choose to make their like count invinsible before sharing a post. More interestingly;  this setting can be turned on or off, even after a post goes live.

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