Google remembers Voice exists, adds new missed call and caller ID features

On Wednesday, Google announced the addition of new caller ID, missed call, and SMS message features to Google Voice. The apparently small update is notable since Google Voice has been pushed on the back burner while the company concentrates on other messaging snafus.

You may now understand why you might have missed a call (for example, Do Not Disturb was on) and receive instructions on how to make sure it doesn’t happen again from the missed calls or voicemail sections of the mobile Google Voice app (turning Do Not Disturb off). Google is also making it easy to redial missed calls and switch to your mobile network if your call was dropped due to a bad Wi-Fi connection.

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You can now have your Google Voice number displayed on caller ID instead of the original linked number if you use Google Voice on iOS to route calls to your personal number. On the web version of Google Voice, you may now erase SMS texts in bulk.

We’ve developed a chronology of Google’s numerous attempts to connect people outside of Gmail, but Voice, in particular, has felt forgotten in the aftermath of Google Fi delivering a more traditional phone service. Voice was redesigned in 2018, and a dark mode was added in 2020, but as a business-oriented Workspace product, it hasn’t seen as many dramatic changes as Google’s wild forays into text and video chats. That may be for the best for the devoted Google Voice customer who does not want to forget about the service.

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