How to avoid the buy of fake technology

Fake Technology has become rampant, he buys a fake phone today, she buys a fake laptop tomorrow. It’s not new but it’s not loved, that’s why, we want to tell you How to avoid the buy of fake technology.

It is important to keep in mind that fake Technology, has a strong network, it’s not going away easily (That’s if it’s ever going away). The use of fake products have increased alot in number, same about the number of complaints, same about regrets.

No more being cheated, No more being used, no more being a dud. You’re going to know exactly how to avoid a fake product of technology and exactly how to avoid the buy of fake technology.

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How to avoid the buy of fake technology

We all know buying of fake tech is no way a good idea, it’s totally bad and unwise. For that, we’ve prepared three things for you to consider while buying a product. You can give that product a ‘Red Card’ if any of these show up reasonably.


Well well, let’s start it this way; A HP gaming Pavilion Laptop for sale at N85,000? A PlayStation 5 gaming console at N120,000? No way! These prices are way too low for such products. Extremely low price for a costly Product is a way of telling if it is fake, they might give different reasons why it is so, but be alarmed. Always purchase from well known and trusted vendors for best of results.

Appearance and performance

This very tip aims at revealing to you the importance of getting your hands on that device, touch it, feel it, explore it before buying it. Fake Technology is always made but good news is; it can always be detected. A fake phone is likely to have a lighter weight (very likely), so is a laptop and so are many other tech products.

Look at the Logos/badges, you will have the opportunity to turn ‘ON’ the device and use for a while if you’re not buying it online, it will be great. Buying online limits your chance of doing this while increasing that being tricked into fake Technology.


This is a very effective way of knowing the status of your wanted product. Alot of products are not available in other countries. Look at this, A particular model of Laptop is not available in Nigeria and yet, a retailer is selling it to you? Oh No! It’s totally scam, that’s definitely a fake product or a dodgy one, it’s there by illegal means.

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