How can i upload files to my Google drive?

Know how to upload files to your Google drive today!

Many internet users have free space on their Google drive accounts but don’t know how to upload files to the storage, that’s what raised the question of “How to upload files to the cloud storage”

Do you have a Google drive account but don’t Know how to upload files to it? If the answer to this question is ‘YES’ well, lucky you. Welcome to the very right place to learn.

This article is specifically aimed at teaching/tutoring you on how you can upload your files of any kind to your Google drive with just a few clicks, nothing more, it’s always just a few touches and Dang! You’re there already.

You automatically have access to the Google drive once you’ve taken the first step of creating an account with the search engine (Google). It offers free space of 15GB for you to store your files which can come in different format or extensions. However, you can increase your storage to as big as 100GB provided you buy it online at the fixed amount.

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How important is saving files to Google drive?

Saving your files to the Google drive is a very good method of preservation/safekeeping since your school documents and other important certificates can be stored there in PDF, JPEG, PNG or any format of your choice. Files stored on Google drive have no tendency of being destroyed by pests or any unwanted outbreak or disaster in the home/office.

Your free cloud space is decreased with any newly updated file or document, deleting the file won’t free up your space until you clear the deleted file from the trash bin.

Steps to upload files to Google drive

You are required to follow the steps below carefully as they are the perfect procedures of uploading your precious files to your lovable Google drive. Check this out;

Open the Google drive App on your device (Tablet or Android)
Click on ‘Add question’
Click on ‘Upload’
In the displayed window or screen, select the file you wish to upload

The file or document starts uploading automatically once selected, time of uploading depends on the size of the file, a larger file i.e 100MB takes longer to be uploaded than a Small file i.e 13MB.

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