How to change your profile picture on Facebook

Facebook profile picture silhouette (learn how to change Google profile picture)

So you want to change your Facebook profile picture but don’t know the steps to follow in doing so? Yeah maybe you know a bit but you get lost on the way. No more worries, we’ve got you covered, all you need to do is read on.

This article will teach and lead you through all the steps you need to take in order to achieve your aim of changing your Facebook profile picture.

What is a Facebook profile picture?

Well, while a whole lot of people will consider this question irrelevant, it is important to note that; this is for the sake of those who are not very conversant with managing their Facebook account.

Facebook profile picture silhouette (learn how to change Google profile picture)

A Facebook profile picture displays everywhere your account appears, it’s a means of identification by your friend or any other person who sees you on the social media platform. Your profile picture appears with your name when you make a post or comment on someone else’s post, it also appears on the top left of a page while someone chats with you, with these, it’s easier you identify you on Facebook.

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What to keep in mind

Before changing your profile picture on Facebook, you should keep two things in mind, do you already have a picture in your device you wish to upload? Or you want to take a picture at that moment? While trying to change your picture, Facebook gives you an opportunity to snap at that very moment and upload, so if you wish to use this method, you’ll prepare for a snap. For the other method, just get your already snapped picture ready in an easy location.

Steps to change your profile picture on Facebook

For the purpose of the above written? You will want to follow the steps below carefully as they lead you through with ease.

  • Log into your Facebook account
  • Click on the “Menu” button
  • Click on your profile (View your profile)
  • Click on the camera sign close to your already existing profile picture
  • Click on “Upload photo”
  • Choose the file that has the picture you wish to use
  • Select the picture you want to use
  • Click on “Update”

And that’s it. As easy as it is, you’re already there. Your profile picture will be changed in less than 10 secs if your internet connection permits it.

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