How to Customize your workspace in Adobe Premiere

Know How to Customize your workspace in Adobe Premiere Pro

Know How to Customize your workspace in Adobe Premiere Pro

Knowing How to Customize your workspace in Adobe Premiere Pro becomes very important when you don’t actually love the current arrangement of the Workspace. Or it’s good but you wish to make some changes to it.

The default Workspace arrangement in this very popular video Editing software is actually very nice. And is used by many, just the way it is. If you’re good with how it looks by default, this tutorial might not be for you. But it doesn’t hurt anyone if you read it does it? Who knows a friend might need it. Or even yourself in future.

All Adobe Softwares always come with a customizable workspace. And so does the Premier Pro. Only difference is; each application has its own set of panels (such as Metadata, Timeline  and Project). But that doesn’t stop all of them from having their ways of customization.

To Customize your workspace in Adobe Premiere Pro, it might be important to know that: The main window of this program. Or any of the Adobe programs is the application window. There are Standalone groups of panels contained in the default Workspace.

A User of this program can customize their workspace to the desired looks. This can be done simply by arranging panels in the layout, all in a way that best suits their working style.

Good thing about simplicity: Other panels automatically resize to fit the window as you make changes to the panel arrangement.

Working to Customize your workspace in Adobe Premiere Pro, it’s possible to make new custom workspaces and save them for different kinds of tasks. At this point, it’s  about what you want and how it suits your style.

Customize your workspace in Adobe Premiere Pro
Example of a Workspace in Adobe Premiere Pro


Floating windows can be used for creation of a workspace more like workspaces in past versions and releases of Adobe applications.

Know How to Customize your workspace in Adobe Premiere Pro

Navigate and use the Home screen

It’s easier to start quickly with Premiere from the Home screen, it makes it alot more easier. A new or already existing project can be opened using the options on the left hand side. On the other hand of the screen (Right), you can gain access to in-application tutorials, as well as other tutorials and documentation which are available online.

Customize your Workspace in Adobe Premiere Pro
Home screen (Adobe Premiere Pro)

The Appearance of your HomeScreen might be same, but the content changes as you continue using the program. Adobe Premiere Pro will try to display your recent Projects every single time you open the program. This makes the change-of-projects on the HomeScreen constant.

On the HomeScreen of Premiere Pro, you can have access to the ‘learn’ option which includes tutorials meant to help with your Edits.

tutorials in Adobe Premiere Pro (Can be seen from the ‘Learn’ Option)

Customize your workspace in Adobe (Import a workspace with a project)

The project file also saves customizations and workspace selections as well. Despite having a default habit of opening projects in the current workspace, you can open a project in the workspace last used with it instead. In Adobe Premiere Pro, this is a very helpful option if you’re found of rearranging the workspace for each project.

  • Just before you open a project, make sure to select Window > Workspace > Import Workspace From Projects.

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Customizing workspaces

Choosing a workspace

There are many workspaces (predefined) included in each Adobe video and audio application. They work to optimize the panels layout for specific tasks. When anyone among the workspaces is chosen, the current workspace is accordingly redrawn.

While working on knowing more about How to Customize your workspace in Adobe Premiere Pro, you should keep in mind that you are provided with one-click access to default or custom workspaces by the workspace buttons which are in the Workspace panel.

Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Click on the names which are on top of your workspace. This will help in switching to different layouts.
  • Open the Overflow Menu by clicking on the Chevron icon (>>) to. There are some layout that aren’t normally Displayed in the workspace panel but are displayed in the Overflow menu.
  • To Control the visibility of a workspace (If hidden or not), Drag the vertical divider which is next to the Chevron icon.

Modify the order of workspaces or delete workspaces

Yes, you can easily change the order in which your workspaces are arranged. You can go as far as hiding or making a workspace visible. Follow these steps:

First, make a click on the icon of Workspace menu, it normally appears just close to the workspace that is currently active.

A. Icon of the Workspace menu 

You will now have to click on Edit Workspaces as it appears In the Workspace menu which is displayed.

Now, you will see a dialogue which  helps you edit Workspaces. You can arrange the workspaces, take them into the Overflow menu or make them invinsible (Hide). Deleting is also a choice now.

Just in case you made a mistake or decided to change your mind, click on Cancel to undo the changes you’ve made.

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