How to Quickly Delete Facebook Posts

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How to Quickly Delete Facebook Posts

Yes, for some kind of reason, we all might want to quickly delete Facebook posts, it might actually be old or new ones. And that’s exactly what we focus on in this article (deleting Facebook posts).

With no aim of wasting much time, let’s hit the point pronto!

How to Quickly Delete Facebook on Android

Facebook has it made easy to do away with your old posts through the Activity Log. All you have to do is Go to your profile, then select the three-dot menu, and click on ‘Activity Log’. From here, you will be shown every action taken by you, or another user, on your Timeline, including reactions, shares, comments, tags, & posts. The results can be filtered by a specific person or date.

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How to Quickly Delete Facebook Posts on Desktop

While on your desktop, you can scroll through all your past activities on Facebook, or select a category in the Activity Types’ to see your posts, tags, or interactions. Select the Timeline, Photo & Tag Review drop-down to filter specific tags. Phone users must select nested categories to see posts, tags, interactions, & more specific actions.

Once you come across anything you want to remove, click the three-dot menu to hide, archive, or delete; unlike a comment; or remove tag. If you want to remove many posts at a time, mark the box just next to the actions, then go ahead to choose Archive or Trash on the top right.

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