How to change the screen brightness of your laptop screen

While we might sometimes feel the brightness of our laptop screen is too much for our eyes, we might feel same about the dimness at times. It all depends on the environment of usage and sometimes, the health state of our eyes. Whatever environment you find yourself in, changing the brightness helps, that why we are going to teach you How to change the screen brightness of your laptop.

Adjusting the screen brightness of your laptop is quit easy. No complications are actually involved and it just have to do with the very information you will derive from this piece of literature. We will show you every step involved in doing so.

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How to change the screen brightness of your laptop

This first method of changing screen brightness on your device is only applicable if your laptop keys are still working. It is actually more easy and faster. The second method can be followed if you have no keys working or maybe you just want to try it out.

Just take a look at your laptop keys, look closely, have you seen a symbol of the sun? Good, this is mostly the F11 and F12, they are used to either increase or decrease the brightness. All you need to do is hold the Fn key and press F11 or F12 to adjust the brightness of the screen.

Don’t have Keys?

Well, if your keys are not working for some reason, your steps to change the brightness of your laptop screen will differ, these will involve windows, you’ll have to visit the control panel surely, this can be done by clicking the ‘Start Menu’ and typing in ‘Control Panel’, go ahead and select ‘Control Panel Desktop App’.

When the next window opens, search ‘Power’ in the search bar, then select ‘Power Options’.

Great, you’re almost there, now you’ll have to click on ‘Choose or customise a power’ the default Power option is always ‘Balanced’. However, this is where you change it to whatever Choice you have in mind. Click ‘Change plan settings’.

This is time you look at the bottom of the window and select ‘Change advanced power settings’ A new pop up is seen and you’ll have to scroll down to click on ‘Display’, you’ll see some options which will surely help with your brightness choice.

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