How to check your Airtime Balance on MTN

How to check your Airtime Balance on MTN

How to check your Airtime Balance on MTN

‘How much airtime do I have left to communicate?” Wanting to know how much airtime you still have in your MTN line is what every customer does. And so is Wanting to know how much time you have left to buy data or share to someone. Considering the above, you’ll definitely want to know How to check your airtime Balance on MTN then. And that’s exactly what we will show you.

BenosTech has got you covered up as this article will aim at showing you, how you can check how much airtime you have left. At the end of this piece of writing, you should not only know how your airtime balance can be checked. But you should be able to check it all by yourself.

Airtime Exhausting

The pain and frustration which follows when your airtime exhausts without a warning is always way too much. Using your mobile airtime without knowing how much you’ve spent and how much is left is totally unwise. That’s why knowing How to check your airtime Balance on MTN is very advisable.

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How to check your airtime Balance on MTN

There is absolutely nothing much to be done when trying to check your balance. You should note that sometimes, after enquiring for your balance, the result is a fail. This happens because of the network’s condition at the moment.

Sometimes the network becomes too bad that after the enquiry, you’ll see a notification which reads ‘failed’ or ‘Unfinished’ or something else.

Use of USSD

With no doubt, the USSD methods of enquiry are the fastest and most sure methods available. Just by dialing the provided digits, boom! The result shows up right on your screen.

To check your balance of airtime on the MTN Network, simply Dial *556# on your mobile device with your MTN sim inserted in it.

Just after a short while, a message will pop up in your device showing you your airtime Balance.

Easy right? Sure it is. You can dial this code again every single time you want to know your airtime Balance. This USSD code works for 24 hours and for this, any failure to work at a particular time can be attributed to poor Network condition.

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