How to Clean the Keyboard of your laptop or desktop

Maintaining a neat environment during work time with your laptop is very important, and that cleanliness has to be extended to your device’s keyboard, which is often touched. While many users fear risking the functionality of their keyboard, the importance of cleaning it remains 100%, and that’s why we are going to learn How to Clean the Keyboard of your laptop or desktop.

It is almost impossible to work on your laptop or desktop without touching the keyboard, frequent contact with it thereby results to the keyboard becoming hotbeds for dirt and grime to accumulate. It becomes a risk to our health and the device itself as dust might be present as well.

These tips should help you with cleaning your laptop keyboard, and they can be used regularly to for the good of both the device, and our health as well.

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How to Clean the Keyboard of your laptop or desktop

Power down your PC

Before starting the cleaning process, it is very important to first of all, turn ‘Off’ your Laptop or desktop. It is not only risky that you might accidentally touch an unwanted wire, but liquids and working circuits always make a bad scene.

Shake out any loose debris

It’s normal for most people to chew some stuff while working, it might be some biscuits, a short cake, anything at all. The pieces of such foods are liked to be lodged between the keyboard keys, shaking it will therefore be a good idea since it will help eliminate some of the pieces.

Clean the keys

Well this is the whole point. You will want to use cotton buds which you’ll dip in isopropyl alcohol or an ethanol-based solution. This should give your keyboard a good look.

This applies to a desktop keyboard which has larger or more visible keys. A very soft clothe will do well for a Laptop keyboard.

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