How to convert video to MP3 on Android devices

Are you that person wondering how you can convert your music video to MP3 so you can hear without your screen being turned on? Well well, here you are in the most perfect place to learn how to do just that. Read carefully.

In this article, you are going to learn and be informed of every possible step you need to take just to convert your video to MP3. At the end of this piece of literature, you should easily convert your desired MP4 to MP3 without stress.

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Maybe you have a music video in your phone that you love so much. But you would like to play it as an Audio rather than video which keeps your screen backlight “ON” there by, draining more of your battery. The best way to do this by converting that very video to audio so you can play, turn off your screen and wash the dishes or read a book.

What Application do I need for this?

There are no complications involved in this process at all. Yes, there might be some complications in the usage of different Apps or different devices. But this process, will serve you awesomely. Following the exact steps I’m this article will do you alot of good and save unimaginable amount of time.

All you need is an App called Video to MP3 converter. This App allows you to turn all video files (Only MP4) to Audio within a very short period of time. It all depends on the length of the video anyway. An 8 minutes video will take longer to be converted than a 2 minutes video.

Steps to convert video to MP3

  • Open your Application (Video to MP3 converter)
  • Click on “Select Videos”
  • Choose the video you want to convert to MP3
  • At the bottom of the screen, click “Select”
  • When a new screen opens, Click on “Start”

The conversion starts immediately, it loads from zero to hundred percent. Cancel if you change your mind.

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