How to create a group on Facebook (All you need to know)

Learning how to create a Facebook group is quite simple and interesting, this is because the process of doing so has been made to be very simple and easy to follow.

Do you ever wonder how people get to create groups on Facebook? Do you want to create your own Facebook group but don’t know the exact steps to follow in doing so? Well lucky you, take a deep breath and smile for a while because you are in the right place to learn. Just keep reading.

In this article, you will learn how to create your own group on the Facebook platform, all necessary Information as well as steps needed to create a group on this social media platform will be revealed to you in a comprehensive manner.

What is a Facebook group?

Well let’s not consider the possibility of this question being useless or irrelevant to some people. Some users of Facebook are actually new to the platform and don’t know much about groups. This is actually for you if you happen to be among those.

Facebook groups are actually meant to bring people together about a particular topic or theme. Groups are spaces for focusing on what’s important and sharing with the right people. There are thousands of Facebook groups with thousand members, such groups have a particular topic they work on, it might be a group for “Cristiano Ronaldo” where people gather to talk about the football star and share pictures and videos of him. It could be a group about “Gaming” where the act of gaming is the main topic, new games are discussed as well as the best gaming console e.t.c

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What to keep in mind

Before creating a group, you should first of all think of the topic you want to be discussed in such group, what is the main aim? What is the theme?

Second, you should probably think of the name you want the group to have. Is it a gaming group? Why not go with the name “gaming world”? Is it a video editing group? Why not go with the name “Video Sorcery”?

Steps to create a Facebook group

  • Log into your Facebook account
  • Click on the “Menu” button
  • Click on “Groups”
  • Click on “Create”
  • Click “Create group”
  • Insert your preferred name for the group then select the privacy (Do you want the group to be public or private?) Then click “Done”
  • Click on “Create”

There you are, your group is created in less than 10 minutes, you can go ahead and invite your friends to the group.

SEE: It’s always better to invite friends you think will be interested in the topic your group is all about so as to boost the liveliness.

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