How to delete a post from Facebook group

“I made a post in a football group on Facebook but I want to delete it, I don’t know how I can do that, the post is really having a negative effect. I didn’t know this is how it will end up, please help”.

The above is a copied comment from the official Facebook YouTube channel. Many people use groups on Facebook, make posts, comment on different posts from friends but don’t know how to do away with such posts and comment when any need arises.

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If you happen to be among those who don’t know how to delete a post from a Facebook group, lucky you, you’re just in the right place. All you need to do is keep reading.

This article contains all necessary information needed to be taken in order to delete your unwanted post from a Facebook group. At the end of this article, you should know what a Facebook group is (if you haven’t). Also, you should be able to delete a post from Facebook.

What is a Facebook group?

Well let’s not consider the possibility of this question being useless or irrelevant to some people. Some users of Facebook are actually new to the platform and don’t know much about groups. This is actually for you if you happen to be among those.

Facebook groups are actually meant to bring people together about a particular topic or theme. Groups are spaces for focusing on what’s important and sharing with the right people. There are thousands of Facebook groups with thousand members, such groups have a particular topic they work on, it might be a group for “Cristiano Ronaldo” where people gather to talk about the football star and share pictures and videos of him.

Who knows, you might pop into a group about Neymar Jr and decide to make a post about Mia Khalifa. Hell yeah, there’s absolutely a need to delete such post and these are the steps to follow;

Steps to delete a post from a Facebook group

Steps below are carried out with the Facebook lite App

  • Log into your Facebook account
  • Open the group you made the unwanted post in
  • Search for the post and locate it
  • On the top right of the unwanted post, click on the options button (Normally three dots)
  • Click on “Delete Post”

You will be asked if you’re sure about deleting the post, click on yes and that’s it. Your post is deleted, take a deep breath and smile again.

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