How to download music you don’t know its name

Shazam App (How to download music you don’t know it’s name)

Download music you don’t know it’s name

Do you have a lovely song you’ve heard, wished to download but don’t know how to download it because you don’t know the name of music? This always happen to us at different times, sometimes we push so hard but fail to get our target song. sometimes, we are lucky enough to get it from our friends. However, we will learn how to go for that target song today, keep reading you’ve got yourself in the right place.

This Article has an aim of giving you possibly every tip needed to download a nice song you don’t know it’s name.

This is not meant to scare you off but, it must be made clear that this method requires the use of different Apps and trickish moves, well the tricky mind has already tricked it’s way into finding the steps, all you need to do is follow them carefully.

Shazam App (How to download music you don’t know it’s name)

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This very method of downloading songs you don’t know it’s name solemnly relies on you knowing the source of the song you want to download if you heard it from a movie or series you watched in your device, great you’re totally good to go, if you heard from a TV show you watched on TV, can you record it on your mobile? If yes, Dope! We’re good to go. Regardless of where you heard the song, make sure you record that very part in your device.

Apps Needed

1. Video editor (Needed only if your target song is in a video you have in your device)
2. Video to MP3 converter (Needed only if the part of your target song is in a video)
3. Shazam

How to do it

  • Open your video editor and cut the part where your favorite song is sang then, render it as a different video (Skip if you already have a recorded audio)
  • Open “Video to MP3 converter”
  • Click on the video you just cut (the part with your target song)
  • Click on “Start”
  • Your video is converted to MP3
  • Play the Audio then open the “Shazam” App
  • Tap the screen to Shazam

The App listens to the song and displays the name of the song as well as the artist, all you have to do is visit your favorite music website and search for it or do it directly on Google. You’re welcome.

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