How to download TV series and movies from Netflix

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Watching different Movies and TV series from the Netflix video streaming platform is interesting, but you can download your favorite series or movies to watch offline even if you run out of data or good internet connection.

Well, you might be quite aware of the fact that these series/movies from Netflix can be downloaded. However, the required information in doing so is standing in your way, that’s obviously why you are here. Lucky you, you’re just in the very right place, just read on.

What is Netflix?

To a good number of people, this question is truly irrelevant especially to those who are lovers of TV series & shows. However, for the sake of that mate who just got introduced to Series and shows then wants to create an account with Netflix, let’s make things more clear and interesting.

Netflix is actually known to be the most visited video streaming site in the world at the moment (February, 2021) and it looks set to maintain it’s position at the top for a very long while. New movies and series are uploaded to the site frequently to give the viewers something new at all times.

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The Subscription aspect of Netflix

Streaming videos on Netflix is not free, monthly subscriptions are required to be able to access their services (Movies and Series). Once subsribed, you can watch and download videos to your preferred device easily.

After subscribing to a plan on Netflix, you can stream videos online and download them if you wish. Total unlimited access to tv series and movies is guaranteed after subscription, but only if you have internet connection. Downloading videos is therefore, a way of making them available for you even when you have no data to stream online.

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Steps to download TV series and movies from Netflix

You should first of all, download the latest version of Netflix App from Google play store

Search for the TV series or movie you want to download

Click on the Series/movie of your choice

Click on the download sign (icon) ⬇️ the download icon will appear near each episode for TV series

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