How to download YouTube videos to your device memory

Download videos from YouTube directly to your device memory

How can I download YouTube videos to my device? This is a question asked by many who tend to watch a lot of videos from the video streaming platform. If you’re wondering how you can download videos from YouTube to your very own device, sit tight and read on, you’re reading the right piece.

The aim of this Article is to solve your very problem of downloading videos from YouTube, after reading this article, you should be able to download all your favorite videos from YouTube into your device. Doing so, you can watch such videos anytime without having to turn on your data and visit the YouTube channel anymore.

It’s known by many that the YouTube search engine is aimed at gaining watch time through the videos uploaded by different channels available on the platform. For this reason, it does not give room for videos to be downloaded directly into your device’s memory. This is because, they want you to return to their site anytime you want to watch a particular video again (More watch time for YouTube, more money).

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Should I use YouTube Go for this purpose?

YouTube has made a popular video streaming App known as ‘Youtube Go’. The App is used for watching videos uploaded to the search engine, you can log in through this same App, download videos which will take up space on your device. However, there’s a problem with this App as far as this purpose is concerned.

YouTube Go (how to download videos from YouTube)

What’s the problem with YouTube Go?

Despite feeling that you have downloaded a video into your device using Youtube Go, such videos can never be seen on your media player except, the YouTube Go App. The downloaded videos will be available to be watched anytime in the App, but these videos will be automatically cleared from the App once the original owner deletes them from YouTube.

It’s always better to download videos directly to your device memory especially for YouTubers who edit videos. YouTube channels which deal with football content often upload videos known as ‘free clips’. These are videos that are free to be used by anyone else but first, you need to download them directly to your device memory so you can open in your video Editor.

NOTE: Videos downloaded from the YouTube Go App cannot be edited, they cannot be seen anywhere in the device except the YouTube Go App.

How to download YouTube videos

For the purpose of downloading YouTube videos, carefully follow the steps below:

  • Open your browser
  • Visit
  • Search for the video you wish to download
  • Copy the link to the target video
  • Open a new tab on your browser
  • On your new tab, visit
    Paste the copied link in the space provided on the site
  • Select the video quality most suitable for you
  • Click on Download

Your download should start in less than 20 secs. And that’s it. As simple as it is, your video goes directly into your precious device and can be seen/ recognized by different media Apps on your device.

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