How to fix a laptop battery not charging

After plugging your Device to the sockets for a reasonable amount of time, there is no power in your battery. The Device also shows no sign of a charger connected to it. This is a problem most PC users tend to face. This article aims at helping out and for that, we shall be considering How to fix a laptop battery not charging issue.

Your laptop should give a clear sign whenever a charger is plugged in, not only does it show light close to the charging port most times, the screen shows it as well. (Depends on the type of laptop, or of the device is already ‘ON’)

Battery Diagnosis

If there is no sign that your laptop battery is charging despite connecting it, or you’re seeing a message in your windows which reads “Plugged in, not charging” You’re right to be here, we will help you out.

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How to fix a laptop battery not charging

The following methods should help you to fix a laptop battery not charging issue. You will want to take the information below seriously, as the result of doing so is awesome.

Check everything is plugged in

This is actually the very first thing you should consider doing. You should be sure if everything is connected at the right port, is the socket ‘On’ or ‘Off’. Is the other end connected in the right port on your laptop?

Check the condition of the laptop charger

This happens to be the cause most times, not noticing this early rather results to unnecessary frustration. Carefully observe the cables for any breaks or tears. Such are very capable of affecting the functionality of your charger.

Remove and check the battery

Well well, it might sadly be a fault from your battery, either its not properly inserted or it’s lost its power completely.
It’s therefore, important to check the condition of your battery before taking any other measure.

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