How to install antivirus on PC or laptop

The importance of your PC can be noticed by anyone else but you, based on how you treat it. This treatment includes installing an antivirus software which will protect it from Virus attacks. In the interest of those who might not know how to install an antivirus, we will be showing you How to install antivirus on PC or laptop.

Why use an antivirus?

You might be quick to agree with me that your precious PC or laptop, is highly at risk if you fail to use an antivirus software. With Thousands of websites having viruses around the world, it’s easy for some of these demons to find their way into you PC.

It could be through your visit to an infected website, or through transfer of files from removable disks e.t.c.

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Does Windows have built-in antivirus software?

Not in the case of the previous windows, but the most recent (Windows 10) has a built-in Windows defender which does the protecting. However, you will still want to download and install another considering the lack of some features by the default defender.

The likes of Avast Antivirus, Smadav, Kaspersky and Bitdefender will certainly be a good choice, if you wish to try something else apart from the built-in protector.

How to install antivirus on PC or laptop

There’s actually no big difference from installing any other software. To ensure there are no complications during installation, check if you already have a similar software installed, if it is, uninstall it first.

After downloading the Antivirus software from your desired site, double click on the file.

While being asked if you wish to allow the following program to make changes to your computer, click ‘Accept’.

You should be careful to look out for any agreements you have to make at this point, tick boxes will appear for you to make choices according to your preferences, do so and click on ‘Install’.

After the whole installation process is successful, you will want to go ahead and scan you PC or laptop, to be sure if your device isn’t already havouring some demons already.

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