How to lock your Android phone with a password

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How to lock your Android phone with a password

Everyone needs protection and so does our devices. Not everyone can have access to our files if our devices are locked. But the problem is; how is it done? How can lock my phone? Worry not, this piece of writing will help with knowing How to lock your Android phone with a password.

At the end of this article, you should know every step you need to take in order to lock your Android phone with a password. The difficulty level is very easy, all you have to do, is read on.

Why lock your Android phone with a password?

There are hundreds of reasons in existence for the use of passwords on our devices.

Having younger ones at home also calls for security as the little family members are good at sneaking into the room when there’s no one around. They’ll move from file to file, folder to folder finding what no one knows, sometimes they might exhaust the devices battery playing games.

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You might have documents which are super important to you stored in your device memory. Locking your phone will prevent any random person from seeing them, and taking any action which might affect you negatively.

How to lock your Android phone with a password

Click on the settings option, most devices have it in the drop-down menu.

Tap on security & Location. You should see an option about devices security. It shows you the available means of protecting your Android. These include screen lock which could be pattern, PIN, password or Swipe. Also has fingerprint protection and face unlock. It’s your choice to make.

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Click on the security option of your choice e.g Password and you’ll be Directed to Insert a password of your choice. This, you will have to do twice to confirm that you know the password reasonably.

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