How to make money on YouTube in 2022

How to make money on youtube

Can I really make money on YouTube?

How to make money on YouTube is one of the most asked questions on the internet recently and this article aims at answering the question effectively and comprehensively.

Have you ever wondered why a bunch of YouTube channels keep uploading videos and keeping their active status going static? Have you ever wondered why an individual will dedicate his time to uploading videos to the YouTube search engine on a daily basis? Well the one answer to these questions is “Money”

YouTube has become a source of income for many individuals around the world and that has resulted to the increase of usage for this very popular search engine.

While a number of people get busy uploading videos, getting watch time as well as their pay, a bunch ‘innocently ignorant humans’ keep wondering as they repeatedly ask “How to make money on YouTube”?, “How can I get paid on YouTube”?, “Does YouTube pay for views”? And the answer to the last question is “YES” YouTube does pay for views.

1.8 Million subsribed YouTube channel(How to make money on YouTube)

Knowing fully well that the views on YouTube are paid for, the desire to get into the game might be very much heightened but it is very important to keep in mind that ‘Dedication’ is super important.

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Now what steps should I follow?

The first step to make money on YouTube involves the registration. First, you have to register/open a YouTuber account, if you already have one and you’re ok with using it, you can but in case of any reasons which might be best known to you, you can easily open a new account.

After creating an account with YouTube, it’s important to go ahead and verify your newly created account as it is impossible to earn money without verification. Verifying helps YouTube to know your country thereby knowing the currency use while working with you. It is therefore, very unwise to skip this step if your purpose for a YouTube life is to make money.

Unverified accounts cannot use thumbnails on their videos (Thumbnails are pictures that appear to represent a video, they appear when you’re yet to click on a video).

The third step which follows after verification is getting an audience. One can say there are two steps to take at the same time following the fact that you need to gain audience and watch time.

With the new terms and conditions of the search engine, one can only make money on YouTube if he gains one Thousand (1000) number of subscribers and Four Thousand (4000) Watch hours. This means, after 1000 people have clicked the red subscribe button on your YouTube channel, an audience needs to have watched your video/videos (likely to be less than 30mins each) for a total of 4000 hours.

Now what?

After walking through all the above steps, it’s time to monetize your YouTube account through Google AdSense and start making money. You first of all need to create a Google AdSense account, then link it to your precious YouTube channel, Boom! That’s it, you’re ready to make money.

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