How to make your mobile battery last longer

We all might have had different devices and with the experience, we can say ‘that the battery to my previous device lasted longer’ or ‘My current device has a stronger battery than the previous one’. Well today, we want to teach you how to make your mobile battery last longer.

While it is normal and necessary that your mobile battery must be drained due to the usage, there are certain things you can do to help make the battery last longer.

Yes! A good number of mobiles today are made with powerful batteries which can keep the device working for a whole day. However, if you’ve got your eyes on this very article, it means your battery doesn’t last long enough for you. You will know exactly what you need to do to make it last longer, just read further.

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How to make your mobile battery last longer

We’ve prepared four tips which will definitely help you with keeping your battery stronger to take you through your project.

Keep the screen dim

The screen of your device uses a reasonable amount of your battery, keeping the screen dimmed is a good way of extendeding the duration to be covered by your mobile battery. Less energy will be demanded by the screen, which means the battery won’t have to offer much of it’s energy to the LCD.

Adjust your device Power settings

Your mobile always has a ‘Balanced’ power setting, it’s the default one. But this can be changed in the settings, most devices make this possible by just sliding the screen down. . You should change the setting from ‘Balanced’ to ‘Power Saver’.

You can temper with the settings and set the mobile screen to sleep after some minutes of inactivity, this prevents the screen from staying ‘On’ only to drain power from the battery.

Disable Wi-Fi, data connection and Bluetooth

This is very important if you’re not using them, these three fellows demand much from your device battery as well.

Doing this is quit simple for all Android devices as most make it possible to adjust all these by sliding down your screen.

Don’t fall in love with the plugs

The whole point is; don’t always leave your device connected to the plugs. Too much of Charging can be very bad for your battery’s strength.

Always leaving your device on a charger will definitely have a negative effect in the overall strength and lifespan of it’s battery.

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