How to make your PC speed up (Increase PC speed)

Everyone wants a fast device which responds quickly to commands, a device which permits fast operations to be carried out with full confidence and believe. You want that too and that is why we are teaching you How to make your PC speed up.

Before going down to the rest of this Article, let’s talk about one similarity between a PC and a car. This is it; both products of technology need proper maintenance to function properly. Knowing how to make your PC speed up has to first of all, start with acknowledging this fact.

A thing about PC Speed

Once a PC begins to slow down and withdraw from it’s former impressive speed, action needs to be taken, the software needs attention. You must note that a system being generally slow is different from it being slow while using the internet. Slow internet can be experienced with even the fastest of Computers, this is to say, slow internet is a problem of its own.

While using a PC, there are a lot of Softwares and programs we might install, big game files i.e PES 21, FIFA 21, God of war e.t.c. None of the above listed is less than 10GB! This files take up our space and decrease the speed of our PC. However, the crave for an increase in speed for your device can still be quenched by some Applications, built for such purpose.

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How to make your PC speed up

We have provided a set of good tools which will help you clean up your PC, speed it up and make the user experience more fun for you. Check them out below;


This is an ideal tool for such purpose, want to increase your PC speed? Try out CCleaner. Clears all browsing data and duplicated files taking up space unnecessary.

EF StartUp Manager

Before your PC powers ‘ON’, EF StartUp Manager is already at work, it lets you know the programs going to run after your device turns ‘ON’ and does well with managing the situation, bringing an end result of smoothness in running of your device.

Secure Eraser

This tool plays the role a computer’s recycle bin. It helps delete files from the PC with no way of recovery, files identified and cleared with Secure Eraser will no longer be anywhere available in the system.

NOTE: For the purpose of your wanted speed? Do not hesitate to delete any file you see none of it’s use, some files just take up space and make your computer slow.

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