How to record screen on Android devices

Know this to help you record screen on Android devices

Have ever wondered How to record screen on Android devices? Do you wish to know How to record screen on Android devices? Oh, that question appears to be irrelevant actually because, that’s exactly why you’re here.

If you’ve seen alot of people play videos of how they use their own phone, how they play a game or how they downloaded a file, and you wish to know exactly how it’s done, lucky you, you’re in the right place. Read on.

How much are screens recorded recently?

The act of recording screens have become very popular and, the percentage of it’s usage has increased both on Android, iPhone, Apple, windows e.t.c

Many YouTubers record their screen for the purpose of Tutorials, they may want to make a video about ‘How to download PPSSPP games’ and they will record their screen as they go through every step to download the games.

AZ Screen Recorder in usage (How to record screen on Android devices)

A good number of Gamers on YouTube also can’t do without screen recording, most of them upload gameplay videos to their channels and such videos are made with the help of a screen recorder regardless of the device.

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There are a lot of Applications built to enable you record your screen, you can find a bunch of them on the Google play store. However, we will be considering the ‘AZ Screen Recorder’.

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best Apps to help you record your screen, it is user friendly but very effective and accurate, it has many features to help you achieve your aim. For someone who might want to record the screen for the purpose of Tutorials, the AZ Screen Recorder has a brush tool which enables you to draw lines on your screen while recording, this helps you to point at things during recording making it easy for you to tutor more comprehensively.

Steps to record screen on an Android device

Visit the Google play store
Download AZ Screen Recorder
Install the Application and lunch it Give the App permission to record screen, give it permission to use your speaker and to display over other Apps as well.
Slide down your notification panel and you will see the ‘AZ Screen Recorder’ panel
Click on the Camcorder sign and it will be written “AZ Screen Recorder will start capturing everything displayed on your screen right now
Click on ‘Start Now’

The App counts down 3,2,1 Bang! The record starts! You’re welcome.

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