How to record your Laptop screen in Windows 10

How to record your Laptop screen in Windows 10

How to record your Laptop screen in Windows 10

Want to know How to record your Laptop screen in Windows 10? Well, that’s obviously why you’re here. And guess what; you’re just in the right place. Considering the fact that this article is still available for anyone out there, you’re definitely at the right time as well.

Recording the screen of any smart device is no way strange, neither is it so much a big deal. However, knowing how to do it is always the problem. All thanks to the Windows 10 in-built screen Recorder tool which makes things much more interesting.

Screen Recording on Windows 10

The windows 10 was made with notable new features which one can truly refere to as being advanced. Xbox Game Bar is one of the features, it creates a more immersive gaming experience for the PC users. The Game Bar also makes various tools available to all users via a quick keyboard shortcut.

The ability to record your laptop screen happens to be among the improvements in the latest windows. Now, gamers who love to upload gameplay videos on YouTube will have it more easier this time. This also includes those who deal with computer operation tutorial videos. Whatever the reason might be, you can record your laptop screen with ease this time.

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How to record your Laptop screen in Windows 10

First, you should know that Game Bar won’t be able to record in File Explorer or directly on the desktop. You are not provided with an option to record your screen whenever you’re using these apps. With all other options being available, the one for Recording becomes inactive. A message reads ‘Gaming features aren’t available for the Windows desktop or File Explorer’.

You’ll definitely want to enable the Game Bar before commencing. Go to Settings > Gaming > Game bar then ensure the toggle is set to ‘On’.

Launch the app you’d like to screen record. Note that this option won’t be available if you start on the desktop

Launch the Game Bar with the Windows Key + G keyboard shortcut

You’ll now see different options. From the ‘Capture’ menu in the top-left corner, locate or identify the record option, indicated with a white spot within a grey circle. You can also go straight to this stage by hitting Win+Alt+R if you’d prefer

If this is your first time to record your laptop screen, you might have to accept some permissions before you begin.

Here, you can toggle the microphone on or off. You can also hit stop at any time
‘Game clip recorded’ Once a recording has completed, you’ll get a message saying. What you’ll do is, Click it to see the file in File Explorer

To change the default location where captures are saved, move to Settings > Gaming > Captures. Click ‘Open Folder’ then choose a different area of the File Explorer

With the above options followed carefully, you can record your laptop screen in Windows 10 comfortably with no issues involved.

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