How to reduce Video size on Android

How to reduce Video size on Android

How to reduce Video size on Android

reduce Video size on Android

Perhaps you have a one hour (1 hr) video which has a total size of 627MB and you want to reduce video size of it. Of course such size is totally unfair until the resolution is stated.

It’s almost totally impossible to own an Android device without a single video in it. Videos are watched by a very large population on Smartphones and that automatically means 3GP or MP4 files take a lot of space in our memory.

It always gives a smile to have a video which is not bad in quality but has a fair size.

It can be noted that a brighter and clearer video always has a bigger size. A 3 Min video in is likely to about 1.2MB big. While A 3 Min video in MP4 720P might be around 52MB, and 83MB in 1080p.

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But you can compress to reduce video size. And for the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll be considering the use of an App (Video Compressor). Can be found in the Google play store or any other sites like, and many more.

How to take down video size

All you have to do is open the App, Select the folder which contains the video you wish to compress.
Click on the video, click on ‘Compress’ then select the percentage of compression. (You can take the quality from 1080p back down to
The video automatically starts playing immediately after compression.

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