How to render a video in Adobe After Effects

Rendering issues are things many Video editor on Laptops and desktop experience. It’s not about the device you use, neither is it about the version of the software you’re using. It’s about the settings, how have you set the render options to be? As questions and complaints arise about rendering, we will be considering How to render a video in Adobe After Effects.

This is a tutorial that is meant specially to help with all complications, that erupt during a render session on Adobe After Effects. At the end of this article, you should know the best render settings on After Effects.

Rendering issues in After Effects

After taking your time to edit a video, cut out unnecessary parts, add in useful clips and Effects, the video has a super bad audio after rendering. Or the quality is not as awesome as you thought.

These same issues can also be experienced in other video editing softwares like; Adobe premiere and Sony Vegas Pro. It’s almost normal to experience such, but knowing how to avoid it is something different.

There are video quality settings in After Effects which help you achieve your desired quality and format, same goes with the audio. All you need to do is know how to move around the settings.

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How to render a video in Adobe After Effects

For the purpose of the above, we have provided a very reasonable tutorial video, to help you with all steps needed to render a video in After Effects.

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