How to sell on Konga (Complete guide 2021)

How to sell on Konga (Complete guide 2021)

How to sell on Konga (Complete guide 2021)

Selling on Konga

With you wanting to sell on Konga, regardless of whatever it is you want to sell, we provide for you a complete guide on how to go about selling your products.

Konga is actually one of the most used online shopping platforms in Nigeria. It falls in competition with the likes of Jumia and Jiji. And features different projects from different sellers. And anyone can sell on Konga as far as they meet all requirements and are ok with the T&C’s.

To sell on Konga involves making your product available for purchase using the Konga online ecommerce website as the selling point. Here, customers to purchase from you. You might want to advertise your posted product(s) digitally on different social media platforms which might be Facebook, Instagram, or maybe your blog if you have any. You can run Ad’s if you wish as well.

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Documentation to Start Selling on Konga

Before you kickoff the selling, you’ll be needing the following documents as they are ‘a most’ for using the platform.

A unique store name and store description
Contact and personal details
An ID issued by the Government, like a Voter card. International passport.
Account information for receiving payment

Sell on Konga
If you have all of the above documents in place, you’re absolutely ready to o go. What you need to do next is: Register on Konga Seller HQ.
Make sure every provided information is accurate. This will include: Email address, phone number, and bank details.

After submitting, you’ll have to wait for Konga and a devoted support officer to your store will be assigned to you. And that’s it, if you now want to sell on Konga, all you have to do is login to your created account you will be able to make a listing.

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