How to share Files to a computer from Android (USB)

How to share Files to a computer from Android (USB)

How to share Files to a computer from Android (USB)

Sharing the content of your Android device with a PC using a USB, is far one of the most simplest methods of sharing between both devices. In this article, we will be showing you, How to share files to a computer from Android , using a USB cable.

At the end of this article, you should not only know how to share files with your PC using USB. But you should be able to do it whenever the need arises. It’s simple and presented in a very comprehensive way. Just read carefully.

Sharing Files

Just like it’s done between Android devices through the use of Xender, Bluetooth e.t.c. You can share files to a computer from your Android easily. All methods mentioned above can be used also in the case of a PC. But for the purpose of this Article, we will consider the use of a USB cable.

Why share Files to a PC?

And of of course a thousand reasons exist why one will want to share Files to a computer from Android. It might not necessarily be from your Android device. But you might want to do this for the purpose of backup. If you happen to loose your phone or restore the factory settings, your Important documents could still be somewhere saved in your PC.

Maybe you’ve downloaded EXE files into your phone. Surely, they can’t work there because Android uses APK. sending the files where they can work will be a perfect choice in such situation.

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How to share files to a computer from Android (USB)

Insert the USB cable to the available port on the computer, then the other end to your mobile device.

A dialogue box should pop up on your screen. Then go ahead to click on MTP (Transfer files).

As soon as it’s done, you’re ready to go.

Open the files explorer on your windows device. Then Click on your device’s name to open.

Select the folder which has the files you want to share, then right click on the file, then click on copy.

Paste it wherever you wish to store it in your PC.

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