How to take a Screenshot with an Android phone

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How to take a Screenshot with an Android phone

March 2, 2021, most searched ‘How to’ on YouTube was ‘How to take a Screenshot’. Suprising ney? While many believe that taking a screenshot is just the easiest thing to do on Android, there are a whole lot of people Googling How to take a Screenshot with an Android phone.

No worries, BenosTech got you all covered up on this one. We will focus mainly on showing you exactly how to take a screenshot with your device. At the end of this piece of writing, you should not only know how it’s done. But you should be able to take a Screenshot with an Android phone.


Just like it’s done in the screen Recording aspect, a screenshot let’s you take a picture of your device’s screen activities. Right now, if you’re reading this article on your Android, taking a screenshot will enable you save a picture of this site as it appears right now.

Screenshots are not saved in the same folder as the other pictures in your device. The moment you take a screenshot, your phone automatically creates a folder named ‘Screenshots’ and that’s where all Screenshots will be saved.

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Can this work on all Android devices?

It’s totally ok to wonder if this works for all Android phones. Considering the rate of dissapointment many users have experienced as a result of device’s non compatibility, it is ok to wonder if Screenshot works for all.

Big answer, big news; Yes! It works for all Android devices.

How to take a Screenshot with an Android phone

Before taking a screenshot, you should ensure that all keys on your device are working properly. The process of doing this all depends on the functionality of your side keys.

While holding your device firmly, place a finger on the power button without pressing it.

Place another finger on the Volume – key, not volume +.

With both fingers placed on both keys, press them at the same time and Krap! There comes your Screenshot.

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