How to update Android (Get the latest Update)

How to change default apps on Android

How to update Android

Update Android

The importance of updating your Android device is well known by most users. But a reasonable number are still ignorant of this.

It’s always wise to update Android as it is crucial for maintaining their security. Also, it gives you a chance of witnessing, exploring and enjoying all new features.

Talking about the most used and biggest operating systems on mobile devices, Android is one of them. It runs on majority of smartphones in the universe.
Keeping your Android-powered device up to date is key to making sure you get the new features. Also, that your device remains secure.

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Manually update Android once available

It’s been made to be very simple and more interesting that many devices automatically notify the user once there’s an update available. And you can go ahead to download them when connected to WiFi
NOTE: Before update, you should be sure about the strength of your network. Also, you must have over 50% of battery power.

Just in case there was no notification about an available update. And you wish to check for such yourself, all you have to do is:
Go to your Settings and select System. Under the ‘Advanced’ drop-down menu you should be able to see an option for ‘System updates’. Click on this to initiate a ‘check to see’ if any update is available. If there’s one, you’ll be provided with the option to update Android.

In your settings menu, you can just search for “Update” if your device has a search function in settings. It should be easier and less time consuming.

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