How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone

How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone

How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone

It has just became more easier to transfer photos from a PC or laptop to an iPhone. The use of dreaded iTunes is not needed either.

A number of ways to transfer photos are in existence and with them, images can be moved from your PC to your iPhone. The most awesome way is to make use of iCloud, which is Apple’s cloud storage service, however, without an app dedicated for Windows. How can this be done? Here, it is explained how you can transfer photos using iCloud Photo Library from your Windows PC to an iOS device.

It won’t cost you a penny by Using iCloud to transfer photos. That however, is if you haven’t used up your free 5GB iCloud space.

How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone

With any step that might be involved, this is how to transfer photos to your iPhone from your PC through iCloud and some of alternatives.

It’s indeed a useful service to have, and negates the necessity of cables as well as syncing, however, what if you intended putting photos FROM your PC ONTO your iPhone? Will that be possible? Of course it will – Still, the method depends on the software you’re using.

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If your devices happens to be running iOS 8 or later, (they should certainly be in 2021), you can possibly upload your photo library via the iCloud website. It can be done this way:

1. Lunch your preferred browser on a computer, move to and log in with your Apple ID.

2. Select the Photos icon on the top row of apps. In case it’s the first time you’ve opened your photo library via a browser, a first time setup will be necessary.

3. Select the Upload button in the top-right of your page & browse your computer for the photos you want to add to your iPhone. In case you wish to select a bunch of files at once, hold CTRL on your keyboard & click on each desired photo .

4. Once you’ve made selections of the images, select Open/Choose and those will be uploaded to your iCloud Photo Library. You’ll see a progress bar If you happen to look at the bottom of the page. It’s actually a pretty quick process, however, this can depend on the number of images you want to upload.

And that’s it, You’re done! The images should soon appear within the Photos app on your iPhone.

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