Job Opportunity at CRDB, Specialist; Data Centers


Specialist; Data Centers  

Job Purpose

Monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain the bank’s Data Centers Power Cooling, Fire Detection and suppression, Physical security, access control and other low voltage systems.

Key Responsibilities

  • Daily monitoring, troubleshooting, resolve or escalate to vendors incidents related to the Data Centers Power (Utility feeds, Generator systems, UPS, battery string, etc.), Cooling (HVAC, chiller), Fire Detection & suppression (FM200 Pre-action etc.), Physical security, access control & other low voltage systems.
  • Coordinate planning and execution of routine maintenance tasks.
  • Inspect data centers facilities and equipment for unsafe or malfunctioning conditions.
  • Provide statistics and reports to aid in management decisions.
  • Monitors, logs, and reports on the Data Center functions using local and remote monitoring systems, direct observation, and as reported by others.
  • Responds to and corrects issues related to the operation of the Data Center, such as monitoring alarms, staff/client reports, or direct observation.
  • Maintains the Data Center infrastructure either directly or by coordinating maintenance activities of the Bank’s staff and/or contractors.
  • Provides customer services support to Information Technology staff.
  • Works on individual or group projects related to the operation and maintenance of the Data Center under the direction of the Manager, Data Center.
  • Stays current with Data Center training on processes and procedures as they are created or revised and as directed by the Manager, Data Centers.

Experience, Knowledge and Skills Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering or any other related field.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in work related to power (generators, UPS, DBs) and cooling systems.
  • Knowledge of current technologies in Data Centers Facilities (Power Utility feeds, Generator systems, UPS, battery string, etc.), Cooling (HVAC), Fire Detection & suppression (FM200 Pre-action etc.)
  • Strong Data Center systems technical skills.
  • SLA and vendor Management skills.







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