Know how to find your windows Product key

Knowing the product key of your Windows is far more important than you think. It is truly very advisable to know your windows product key and make it available for yourself all times. Stay calm, We are going to learn how to find your windows Product key today.

What is a Product key?

Also known as a Software key, it is a specific software-based key for a computer program. It’s importance is seen in the fact that It certifies that the copy of the program is original.

This is usually a combination of numbers and letters, different softwares have different product keys verifying that they are original. This product key is always required while installing a new software on your PC, no installation process will be successful without it.

It is very common among PC owners that; they think they’ll never need their  product key again after it’s already installed. This is a risk! No one knows what might happen next in the days of your experience with the Computer, you might need to reinstall Windows, you might need the key once more. And guess what; the sticker of a product key attached to the bottom of your PC has already wiped off.

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How to find your Product key on Windows

It’s not the end of the world if you forget your windows product key, the information provided here will help you do just that.

Use of third party softwares

NOTE: This method is used on Windows 10

It pains to admit that the programs which worked nicely with finding windows product key in the older versions are no longer in much use. Third party programs like Recover Keys, and Magic Jelly Bean KeyFinder will play a role in finding that key if lost.

How to find your windows Product key if you upgraded for free or bought a digital copy from Microsoft

This is where you are required to use the internet. No worries, if you upgraded to windows 10 through the offered free upgrade, your license is not physical, it’s a Digital Licence.

This means that the Product Key is linked to your account, so when you’re asked to insert the product key for Windows, just click on “Do this later”. You will conclude the Installation process by logging Into your Microsoft account.

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