Laptop battery power, does my battery need replacement

Often times our laptop batteries need to be replaced, it’s always for the purpose of effective functionality. It might be so sudden or not but you will have to change the battery for your laptop. In this article, we will be discussing Laptop battery power and how to know if, your device’s battery needs replacement.

You Device Battery

While using your device, it’s likely to notice that your laptop battery power, isn’t as strong as it used to be in the early days of purchase. One could say ‘This is normal’, however, not every normal thing is good or favourable.

Yes, companies are known for playing tricks, they might deliberately limit the lifespan of a product in order to, leave you with no choice but to come back around, seeking for an upgrade.

Work on the obvious

It might really be clear and obvious to you that, your laptop battery power is not the same, there might be changes. However, it’s important to get some official information on how bad it really is, as this will help in making a more informed decision on whether the battery needs a replacement.

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Laptop battery power, does my battery need replacement?

The best way to know if your battery needs replacement is, to generate a laptop battery report on your device. It’s important and works awesomely.

You should press Windows+X on your keyboard to open a command prompt,
You will see document in coding after giving permission in the pop-up window.

At the prompt, type in: powercfg /batteryreport the press the enter key.

A detailed report of your device battery will be created, and this can be accessed any time. A desire to have a particular location or file name can be met, all you need to do is add /output*FOLDER NAME*\*file name*.html. e.g Documents\mybatteryreport.html will ensure a file called mybatteryreport.html is saved in your documents folder.

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