Learn how to deactivate Facebook account

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Are you in search of ways to deactivate your Facebook account but not getting any? Do you want to deactivate your account but is not sure if there’s a way to do so? Well, take a deep breath and continue reading, you’re just at right place.

With no aim of wasting much time, you must know that; this article is meant to help you with every necessary step needed to be taken by you to deactivate your Facebook account for whatever reason it might be.

Hundreds of people deactivate their accounts on this very social media platform, it might be as a result of threats from people, a student might want to focus on his/her studies instead of being distracted by friends messages on Facebook, there are thousands of reasons.

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What is Facebook account deactivation?

Deactivating your Facebook account is a way of making it not to function anymore, it might not function for a period of time then resume it’s functionality. Or it can cease to function permanently, it depends on your choice. Deactivating your account permanently is same as deleting the account as well, it will become as though, the account never existed once, all data will be wiped from Facebook.

So, before deactivating an account, you must have answered the question “Do you want permanent deactivation or temporal”? In your mind. Things will however, not backfire against you if you didn’t make up your mind before starting. This is because, every account you want to deactivate/delete will be scheduled for the purpose for a period of 30 days. Within this period, you are required not to login unless, you want to cancel the deactivating process. Logging in during this 30 days period automatically cancels your account deactivation process.

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Steps to deactivate your Facebook account

You should follow these easy steps to achieve the purpose deactivating your account.

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Click on Menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on personal information
  • Click on manage account
  • Click on Deactivate
  • Enter your Facebook password in the provided space then click Continue
  • Tick the box by the top left side of your screen after choosing whatever reason from the provided once (you can skip the choosing)
  • Choose if you want to deactivate your account temporary or permanently
  • Click on continue

And that’s it, your account will be scheduled for deactivation and will effect will take place as scheduled.

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