Learn how to apply Effects on Instagram photos

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Learn how to apply Effects on Instagram photos

“How do I make my photo better with Effects on the Instagram App”? “Is it possible to add Effects on my picture with Instagram?”. These questions were copied directly on the official Instagram YouTube channel. And for the sake of clarity, we will be showing you how to apply effects on Instagram photos.

Why Apply Effects on Instagram Photos?

A good number of people will quickly second when someone says “Effects are awesome” or “Effects make pictures look better”. And yes, Effects give us a picture of our imaginations, they add more life to our pictures sometimes.

While it’s not always necessary to use these Effects, it’s always a choice.

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How to apply Effects on Instagram photos

After uploading a picture from your mobile’s library, you can click Next then click Edit at the bottom of the screen. You will be Directed to an edit screen. know the following as you try to apply effects on Instagram photos:

You should click on ‘Adjust’ in order to change the photo’s vertical or horizontal perspective.

To change the brighter or darker looks if your picture, click on ‘Brightness’

Tap Contrast to make the bright areas of your photo brighter and the dark areas darker.

You want to see the texture as well as the details of your picture, Click on ‘Structure’.

Clicking on the ‘Warmth’ option enables you shift the colors of your picture toward warmer orange tones or cooler blue tones.

The sunny state of your image can be changed by clicking on ‘Saturation’.

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Click on ‘Color’ to add any color of your choice either to the shadows or highlights of your image.

To change how visible you want a color to be, click twice on the color you wish to use.

Hope this was helpful, you should be able to apply effects on your Instagram images now. You’re welcome.

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