Learn how to download GTA Vice City Stories

The GTA game series is one of the most interesting in the game world recently. Classic lifestyle presentation which features crime as well. If you’re reading this article because you want to know how you’ll get the game, you’re advised to keep going because, we are going to Learn how to download GTA Vice City Stories.

GTA Vice City Stories

The Amazing GTA came into existence as a result of a collaboration between Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North, and was published by Rockstar Games. In 2006, it was released for playstation Portable, then was released the following year for playstation 2.

Vice City Stories centres on Black man, Victor Vance who gets kicked out of the army for doing drugs
Ideally, he is tricked by his superior Officer Sergeant Martinez who shows no remorse but rather wants to kill him. Victor has no choice but to do alot of dirty jobs in Vice City to pay his mum’s hospital bills. His involvement in the gangster world grows deeper and stronger when his brother Lance Vance comes in town.

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Is my device good to go?

Before downloading this amazing ppsspp game, you should consider the type of device you have. The RAM of your device should be at least 1GB inorder to have a super cool experience. Your device memory should be free enough, 1GB of free space is good. But having bigger space is no crime at all. Playing this very game on devices with 2GB RAM will be super awesome and remarkable.

However, it is not so awesome to play GTA Vice City on devices with lesser than 1GB RAM, this could be the likes of Tecno Y2, Tecno P5, H5, e.t.c The game not as smooth, there also might be crashes, skips and fails. The sound happens to be a disaster sometimes.

How to download the GTA Vice City Stories game for ppsspp

Have you considered the above conditions and concluded that your device is good to go? Or you just want to give it a try anyway. Good, let’s go. The steps below should be carefully follow inorder to download your desired game.

  • Open your browser
  • Visit freeroms.com
  • Scroll down on the website and click on ‘PLAYSTATION PORTABLE (psp roms online)’
  • Select any of the displayed alphabets to see games which it’s names begin with the selected alphabet (In this case, we click on letter “G”)
  • Scroll down and click on GTA Vice City Stories
  • Wait for the download link to be generated in the given seconds then Click on ‘Direct Download’

Your download should start in less than a minute.

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GTA Vice City Stories

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