Learning how to download TEKKEN on ppsspp

Top rival of Mortal Kombat game (Tekken) happens to be on high demand from the neighborhood stores and internet. Considering the above matter, we will be Learning how to download TEKKEN on ppsspp.


This is one of the most played Arcade fighting game, it ranks high with Mortal Kombat. The video game by Bandai Namco, is made with characters from the TEKKEN movie, though more characters have been added, the likes of Jin Kazama, Nina Williams, Yoshimitsu e.t.c who appear in the movie are seen in the game as well.

Is my device good to go?

Before you download TEKKEN on ppsspp, you should consider the type of device you have. The RAM of your device should be at least 1GB inorder to have a good experience. Your device memory should be free enough, 1GB of free space is good. But having bigger space is no crime at all. Playing this very game on devices with 2GB RAM will be super awesome and remarkable.

However, playing TEKKEN on devices with lesser than 1GB RAM us not so lovely, this could be the likes of Tecno Y2, Tecno P5, H5, e.t.c The game is no way smooth, there are crashes, skips and fails.

How to download TEKKEN on ppsspp game

Have you considered the above conditions and concluded that your device is good to go? Or you just want to give it a try anyway. Good, let’s go. The steps below should be carefully follow inorder to download your desired game.

Open your browser

Visit freeroms.com

Scroll down on the website and click on ‘PLAYSTATION PORTABLE (psp roms online)’

Select any of the displayed alphabets to see games which it’s names begin with the selected alphabet (In this case, we click on letter “T”)

Scroll down and click on TEKKEN

Wait for the download link to be generated in the given seconds then Click on ‘Direct Download’

Your download should start in less than a minute.

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