Lenovo gaming Legion Phone Duel 2 (The Amazing Newborn)

Lenovo gaming Legion Phone Duel 2 (The Amazing Newborn)

The year had welcomed alot of new devices of different models and features from different phone companies. Well before the curtains fall, Lenovo has released a new sensation; The Lenovo gaming Legion Phone Duel.

This Article focuses on reviewing the amazing device as it is yet to be known by many mobile users. Just as many will think, the Lenovo gaming Legion Phone Duel is fast becoming a darling for the game lovers.

Following it’s amazing features which can be hardly seen on many other devices. The gaming-focused device is one of the most eye-catching among the whole lot of mobiles available.

Hell yeah. A pop-up selfie camera built-in to the side of the device – returning from the first Legion Phone Duel is actually one of the most notable features of the Lenovo gaming Legion Phone Duel.

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Lenovo gaming Legion Phone Duel 2 (The Amazing Newborn)

Two Batteries? Really?

And the answer is a big yes! With an aim if making things more advanced. To also make the device have an ability of running continuously without power problems.  Gaming Legion Phone Duel had been made with two batteries. Both cells are 2,750mAh, and they combine to provide a total 5,500mAh capacity.


Charging also brings another smile on the face. 90W wired charging will get you a full charge in just 30 minutes on this new device.

Thinking about what Lenovo gaming Legion phone is powered with? Well, it’s actually Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 888 chipset, which offers top-of-the-line performance and offers 5G connectivity.

How about the 12/16GB of RAM and 256/512GB of storage across two configurations it’s combined with? Totally awesome.

About the time of arrival, information is only available of when it’s expected to arrive in the European countries. The new lovely device is expected to arrive in Europe in May.

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