Making your Android to browse like a PC

Making your Android to browse like a PC

Most times our mobile browser can’t display the original content of a webpage. Such pages require a desktop to be viewed. We will for this reason, show you the secret of Making your Android to browse like a PC.

Sometimes content of a page is not displayed at all due to the screen resolution. Some websites are not designed to be mobile friendly and that calls for the idea of making your mobile browse like a laptop.

Desktop Mode

This is the ultimate solution to your problem. The desktop Mode makes your device browse just like a desktop. The display is just that of desktop and it makes it possible for you to view content which would have been viewed only on PC.

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Do All Browsers support Desktop mode?

It pains to say ‘No’. Not all browsers make this possible. Whole the likes of Google Chrome and Phoenix browser, make it possible to use the desktop Mode. Opera mini and many others don’t provide this feature.

Making your Android to browse like a PC is however, made to be easy by some sites like Youtube. Regardless of your browser’s ability to use the desktop Mode, YouTube makes it possible. It’s just a choice that has to be made by whoever is the user.

Making your Android to browse like a PC

To use this feature on Google Chrome, you will want to click on the red icon on the top right.

Scroll down and you’ll see an option for ‘Desktop site’. Click on it and wait for the page to reload.

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