Microsoft is supporting AMD’s answer to DLSS on Xbox consoles

Microsoft says its customer support tools were compromised by the SolarWinds hackers

Microsoft is allowing Xbox game creators to use AMD’s response to Nvidia’s DLSS on consoles. FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) is a new feature for Windows PCs that aims to increase frame rates while maintaining image quality. It’s AMD’s response to Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), and early tests have revealed that it’s a promising technique that will work across a variety of games and platforms.

FSR is now available in Xbox games as well. Today, Microsoft began previewing FSR support in its Game Development Kit for Windows and Xbox. According to Jason Ronald, Microsoft’s director of Xbox program management, “it’s supported on Windows, Xbox Series X and S, and Xbox One consoles.” “FSR was created to help developers attain greater frame rates and resolutions with minimal effort across console and PC platforms.”

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Because of the preview, there will be some time until Xbox games may benefit from better frame rates with FSR, but we hope to see it once Xbox games can be completely certified with FSR support. That’s still a few months away, so we’re not likely to see FSR in Xbox games until later this year or even early 2022.

Even still, it’s encouraging to see Xbox early on support FSR. We reached out to AMD for clarification on when this will be available on PS5, but they have yet to respond. We fully expect FSR to emerge on PS5 at some time, given its widespread support across AMD and Nvidia GPUs on PC.

Sony’s PS5 currently lacks VRR or 1440p support, and the much-anticipated M.2 SSD slot has yet to be activated, so FSR support could be on Sony’s to-do list. Sony has announced a PS5 beta program ahead of its next major system upgrade, so fingers crossed we’ll learn more about FSR compatibility and other PS5 features soon

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