MX media player: The Awesome media Application

It is no doubt, the MX media player is one of the most awesome and amazing media applications for all devices that support the App. Many have wondered what App is the best for watching videos on Android and the Answer is always involving this very App.

The awesomeness of this lovely App has led to an increase in it’s usage world wide, It has over 280 million users globally.

Who owns the MX media player?

The MX player is ideally owned by an Indian company, and is developed by MX Media & Entertainment. With the aim of making the Apps usage more interesting and friendly, it features 12 Languages which includes; Hindi, English, Marathi , Bengali , Bhojpuri ,
Punjabi, Kannada , Malayalam, Tamil ,
Telugu , Gujarati. The Application has it’s headquarters in Mumbai, India and much has been carried out to improve the App in every possible way.

Being one of the best video players for mobile, it is surely a perfect solution for the hunt of Subtitles. It is available on Google play store and can be downloaded with ease provided you have a strong internet connection, it’s less than 80MB and is worth giving a try. Lunching this video player opens a blue screen, on the screen it is written “MX player” in white ink. Watching videos with MX player is exciting as it possesses awesome features.

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Features of MX player

Sliding up the left side of your screen increases your video brightness, doing same on the right increases the volume (Doing the opposite decreases)

Taping the screen twice on the right side takes the video 10 secs ahead, doing same on the left takes it 10 secs backwards

The MX player can be used to download video subtitles

You can change the theme of the App to colour from any of the provided ones

It has an option to save WhatsApp status

It has a file transfer option

Also has an equalizer

There are many more features to be discovered as you use the amazing App

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