New Intel Alder Lake benchmarks leak, revealing 14- and 16-core processors

Alder Lake, the next generation of Intel Core processors, will be available this fall. Several new CPU benchmarks have been leaked to the public. A 16-core desktop processor and a 14-core mobile processor were among the devices tested. According to leaks, these new CPUs may provide a significant boost in performance.

While numerous Alder Lake processors are being tested at the moment, the most recent leaks indicate the performance of one desktop and one mobile CPU. The desktop CPUs will require an LGA 1700 socket, while the mobile Alder Lake processors will use an FCBGA 1744 socket. Both of the CPUs tested have Intel’s next-generation Xe graphics architectures.

There are 16 cores and 24 threads in the desktop version. With eight Golden Cove and eight Gracemont cores and 30 MB of L3 cache, the model that was benchmarked is likely to be one of Intel’s top models. The base clock speed of Intel’s new Alder Lake desktop CPU will be 1.80GHz, but the maximum clock speed is unknown due to an inaccuracy in the leaked benchmarks.

The Xe-LP graphics card, which has 32 execution units, is included with this version of the CPU (EUs). Xe-LP likewise features 256 cores with a clock speed of 1500MHz. The new Alder Lake graphics were pitted against the Rocket Lake UHD 750 iGPU in one of the benchmarks. This comparison revealed a significant improvement in performance, with Alder Lake scoring 8,647 points to the UHD 750’s 7,974, a gain of roughly 8.5 percent.

It’s important to note that these figures may alter in future standards. Alder Lake’s iGPU has a 200MHz faster clock speed than Rocket Lake’s, so a performance boost is expected. However, because there are no specific drivers for Alder Lake yet, the benchmarks may be affected. The final release could result in a performance boost of up to 10%, while it could possibly be significantly lower than the present 8.5 percent.

The benchmarked model of Alder Lake for mobile operates on an Alder Lake-P ES processor and has a 14-core, 20-thread combination. Six Golden Cove and eight Gracemont cores will make up the core arrangement. The publicized clock speeds are not final, but current estimations reveal an 800MHz base clock speed with a turbo of up to 4.0GHz.

The mobile version of the processor has Intel’s UHD Xe-LP graphics card and has a 24MB L3 cache. It’s unclear whether this is an integrated or a separate GPU. However, we do know that it has 96 EUs, 768 cores, 1.5GB of RAM, and a clock speed of up to 1200MHz.

When the mobile and desktop chips are compared, some intriguing outcomes emerge. The mobile Intel Alder Lake P CPU earns 6,516 points in the OpenCL benchmark. Given that the mobile graphics chip has more than twice the number of cores, this may come as a surprise. It’s possible that the lack of efficient drivers for the mobile CPU is one of the causes for the poor score.

Alder Lake, the 12th generation of Intel CPUs, will be available this fall, according to Intel. As the launch date approaches, more benchmarks are anticipated to emerge, potentially revealing a wider spectrum of future Alder Lake CPUs.

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