Samsung offering 100-day returns for Samsung Galaxy Z flip

Samsung offering 100-day returns for Samsung Galaxy Z flip
It’s Simple and interesting, just do it on the Samsung Online Store

Yes, it’s happening, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy Z flip, just to see how amazing it is and return it if you wish.

Samsung which is one of the best electronic companies, has given curious phone users a chance to purchase their new product, and bring it back through a ‘buy and try’ scheme.

Is this happening everywhere?

Well this is currently happening in the US, There’s no news for now about such scheme taking place in any other country, apart from the United States.

This is a move by Samsung which is aimed at, enticing customers to try out their new product (Samsung Galaxy Z flip). The scheme doesn’t make it possible for you to return the device at your desired time. Well, it may be when you wish to return it but it doesn’t have to be more than 100 days.

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What makes it more interesting?

With an aim to make things more interesting and sweetened, the phone company is giving in US$550 of ‘enhanced’ trade-in credit on approved devices. This is aimed at further reduction of cost, a choice which is considered by many to be awesome.

Can I buy the Samsung Galaxy Z flip anywhere and get this offer?

Answer is nothing but “NO”. Getting a chance to return the purchased device is only possible if, you did the transaction directly on Samsung’s online store.

Is it safe to try this?

You should be asking how many people have tried this, and the answer will obviously “It’s not known”. There’s a good number doing it, it’s safe and interesting. You should really try this out.

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