Should i use headings in WordPress? How do i use it?

Should i use headings in WordPress? How do i use it?

Aware of it or not, the use of headings in WordPress Articles is very important. This plays reasonable roles in your different articles. Regardless of the type of article, a heading is necessary and for that, we will inform you of what happens if you use headings in WordPress and, what happens if you don’t.


WordPress is a content management system used by many websites around the word. Many websites use WordPress to manage the content on their websites, this includes making posts (writing articles) on their sites, editing the already written posts, deleting a post from your site or bringing it back. The use of WordPress have only increased since it’s release in May, 2003.

WordPress offers different themes for websites of different kinds, these helps in giving your site a remarkable look which can be considered to be more professional. Plugins are also made available to make the creation of content possible and admirable.


Going straight to answer the question from the title “Should i use headings in WordPress?”, The answer is a big yes! Like earlier said, headings are really important in articles.

You should use headings in WordPress because, first, they give your article a more pleasant, organized and neat look.

Headings also play a vital role in your SEO, a work with no single heading is no way advisable, and that’s why the SEO plugins always try to remind you about it.

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What happens if I don’t use Headings in my WordPress Articles?

Well, the result of such action is just the opposite of every benefit in using a heading.

How to use headings

While already creating content While logged in to your site as an admin, highlight what you wish to make as a heading, from your tools bar, click on paragraph then, select the heading you wish to use. The smaller the number, the bigger the heading size.

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